Friday November 17th, 2006 -- Medan Sumatra -- I was up until 4am entering the data and running the analysis then creating the powerpoint presentation of the results. At 8am Dr. Gary calls to see if I am awake, I am now !!!

Quick shower and then down to breakfast. The morning's proceedings are going to take place in the same room that will be used for the summit this afternoon.

Being a Muslim country we need to be mindful of the need to stop at around noon for the Muslim attendees to go for prayers.

Computers are linked to projectors and sound systems (we are getting pretty creative with our connectivity). I turn on my laptop and it finds the WiFi network in the Coffee Shop one floor below. A stern look from Gary tells that this is not the time to check email, it has been 4 days without a connection and I am eager to see what is in my email box, but I resist the temptation.

The presentation of the results starts ...

I quickly realize that with only 4 hours of sleep I am not immediately recalling where I got to in the analysis and importing to powerpoint process. Anyway there is enough for the attendees to get started whilst I finish up. All the slides are created and definite pattern starts to appear. The majority are in agreement on all the questions and this raises the excitement about reaching a consesus and a signed declartion of intent and standards for the Education Programs.

We break for lunch when we return the process of reach consensus on the declaration document begins. The discussion is passionate and positive and all things considered consensus is reached in relatively short order.

No it is time for the Summit to begin ...

Workshop followup

Invited workshop attendees continue work by addressing issues for a specific target group that is in conflict with orangutans.