November 9, 2005—Jakarta, Indonesia. OUREI Ambassador Angelina Sondakh will be launching Pekan Peduli Orang Utan (PPOU) or Orangutan Caring Week in Jakarta, November 13-19, 2005.  PPOU will be OUREI’s first major event in Indonesia and will provide an opportunity for various media outlets to broadcast and print stories about the orangutan and its current plight.


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October 17, 2005-Los Angeles, CA. OUREI along with the Los Angeles Zoo and the San Diego Zoo have announced that November is Ape Awareness Month, expanding upon the concept of International Orangutan Awareness Week (IOAW) to embrace all the threatened species of apes both great and small.  The Los Angeles Zoo is supporting this concept by holding Ape Awareness Day on November 5, 2005. Docents and conservation organizations will be educating visitors about the plight of the various species of great apes throughout the day. The San Diego Zoo will recognize Great Ape Awareness Week from Nov. 5 to 13 with special enrichment activities for orangutans, gorillas and bonobos, and keeper talks, and education displays at their exhibits to educate visitors about the plight of apes. Other zoological institutions are encouraged to plan similar events regarding the apes that they house.


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August 8, 2005– Santa Monica, CA.  The Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative (OUREI) recently received notification of an award of $48,500 from the United States Fish & Wildlife Service, the federal agency administering the Great Ape Conservation Act of 2000.  The award will be granted to OUREI for its approved proposal entitled, “Sumatran Orangutan Workshop/Summit/Program” which will generate educational curricula specific to those sectors where human/orangutan conflict currently exists. The funds will be given for the purpose of delivering the curricula by Indonesian educators. OUREI must raise $51,000 as a match to the federal grant. Raised funds will be used to conduct the workshop and summit of key government leaders. The workshop and summit will be scheduled in the near future.

OUREI Chairman Dr. Gary Shapiro stated, “This grant will enable Indonesians to develop and deliver important information to educate people who may be killing orangutans now.  We anticipate this program will have tremendous conservation value.”


July 29, 2005– Santa Monica, CA.  The Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative (OUREI) is proud to announce that Ms. Angelina Sondakh, former Miss Indonesia 2001 and current member of Parliament, has agreed to serve as OUR Ambassador for orangutans in Indonesia.  Ms. Sondakh has long been an advocate for environmental issues in Indonesia including rain forest and wildlife protection.  She recently received a prestigious Environmental award by the Minister of Environment, Ir Rachmat Witoelar, at the Art’s Center in Jakarta (July 12) and frequently discusses her concern for the orangutan’s future in the Indonesian media. In addition, Ms Sondakh currently serves as the Ambassador for Indonesia eco-tourism preservation following her appointment by the former Minister of Culture and Tourism, Bpk. I Gde Ardike.  OUREI founders Gary and Inggriani Shapiro met with Ms. Sondakh in her Parliament office on July 11 to discuss OUREI’s programs and to invite her participation in helping save the species through outreach and education.  OUREI plans to work with Ms. Sondakh over the coming months to raise awareness about the plight of the orangutan.


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