Panomatics is an innovative company providing 360 degree photographic virtual tours for hotels, resorts, cities and other organizations wanting to showcase their venues and services within an easy to use, dynamic webpage experience.

Owner Max Tramboo and his wife, Henrica, are concerned about the natural world and have partnered with OURF to provide funding and services to benefit orangutan conservation education. In addition to giving 2% of their profit to OURF, they have also produced a 360 degree panorama virtual tour of OURF’s programs in Sumatra.

In March 2015, Henrica organized and managed a fundraiser benefiting OURF in Bali.

DSC 5984-001


Max has also promoted the orangutan cause and has enrolled companies, like Colloseum Fashion Club, in Europe, to sell reusable carry bags to clients benefiting OURF.

The Tramboo’s are passionate about orangutans and all animals. They express their concern personally as devoted vegetarians.

Panomatics is a great example of how a small business can embrace Corporate Social Responsibility.

Visit their we bsite at to see how Panomatics could help make your organization or business come to life.