Indy Plush


Indy Plush is a small Southern California company committed to making edgy and fun plush dolls made from materials that are environmentally sustainable, nature friendly, and from recycled products (like plastic bottles) from local or domestic sources.  The company is American Green certified and promotes environmentally friendly practices throughout their supply chain including the packaging of their products, the inks for printing, and the materials for displays.



Indy Plush partners with select nonprofit groups to provide funds from a percentage of the sales of their toys in various outlets like The Blvd Shop at LA Live, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Surf and Sand, Seed, Leon & Lulu, the Santa Barbara Art Museum, and the Malibu Beach Company .


Orang Utan Republik Foundation partnered with Indy Plush in 2015, joining several other animal groups benefiting from Indy Plush’s commitment to “save the world, one doll at a time.” In addition to providing a generous 15% of the sales of their dolls throughout the year, they also will provide 50% of the sales during special campaign months.


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