1. Self explanatory

2. - 3. Use an address where you can easily be contacted.

4.- 6. Use phone and fax numbers where you can easily be contacted; email if you have it.

7 . Provide a descriptive title for your project, for example, "A short-term study on the effects of vegetation type on orangutan foraging behavior"

8 . Self explanatory

9. Check the discipline subsuming your proposed study. If the study fall outside a listed category, please write it in the space provided.

10. List the country- usually either Indonesia or Malaysia

11. List the specific area where the study is being planned, for example, Gunung Palung National Park.

12. Provide a brief description of the rationale and goals of your proposed project. What measurable objectives are you trying to accomplish? Keep this section brief and expand upon it in the narrative.

13. How long do you anticipate being in the field to conduct the field portion of the study?

14. Estimate the population size available or needed for your particular study including any know age/sex classification.

15. Self explanatory

16. Indicate if the study involves making contact with orangutans and if so, whether contact will be physically or psychologically invasive. Provide further description of any invasive procedures in the written narrative.

17. Provide the overall budget estimate for your proposed study.

18. Provide the names of other funding sources solicited and the amount requested or secured.

19. Provide the estimated date when you anticipate receiving your research permit.

20. If your proposed study is to be conducted at an established field station, provide the name and address of its director.

21.-22.If your proposed project will be part of an on-going program of study by another researcher, provide their name.

23. Self explanatory.

24. State your primary university affiliation and the degree program your are pursuing.

25. Self explanatory

26. Self explanatory